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Professional futbol players will tell you that the key to maximizing player development is TRAINING, TRAINING and more TRAINING. But not only are the number of training sessions important, the QUALITY of training is critical as well. Inter USA Academy prides itself in offering high quality training utilizing the latest approaches developed in Europe and South America through our former professional futbol player coaches. All of our staff have over a decade of professional playing experience, coupled with UEFA and USSF licenses. Before you commit to playing for a club, every player who is seeking professional quality training should ask two important questions: 1) Who will my trainer(s) be? and (2) Where can I see their experience and qualifications?

Inter USA Academy utilizes a professional training curriculum based on the latest training concepts and methodologies. With Inter USA Academy you will receive training that is:

  • Age Appropriate: U9 through U19

  • Intense: 3-5 times per week (depending on program) plus 1-2 games on the weekend

  • Proven: Conducted by former professional futbolers with 20+ years in Italy, Brasil, Latin America and the US

  • High Quality: Cutting edge futbol concepts and methodologies conducted by UEFA and USSF licensed coaches

  • International: Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages


Our training curriculum is based on Tactical Periodization which is a cutting edge methodology that trains soccer players through the principle that the game has to be “trained/learned” respecting it’s logical structure which revolves around the four moments of the game (see illustration below). As a result, tactical, technical, physiological and psychological elements are never trained in isolation. Everything is included, with the main concern being that every exercise is organized around (at least) one of the four moments of the game and the tactical principles of play:



Biography: Ricardo Alcerro is the Founder, President and Director of Coaching for Scuola Calcio Internazionale USA. Ricky, “The Real Deal, Coach Ricky Tiki”, as he is best known in the world of futbol, is a passionate, enthusiastic, and motivational futbol coach with over 20 years of professional playing experience throughout various countries across the globe. Ricky is a native of Honduras with Italian nationality, and has played in Italy, Brazil, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and the US. He is a UEFA and USSF licensed coach and a former U14/16/18 US Men’s National Team (USMNT) scout.

Ricky is able to evaluate and train  players and staff members and supervise at all levels of a club, organizing teams based on their strengths while working to eliminate their weaknesses. Ricky is a consumate perfectionist of the beautiful game, and teaches the new generation of players the same core fundamentals of tactical, technical and psychological prowess that guided his professional career on and off the field. He has established many relationships throughout his professional career and is well respected in the futbol community here in the US

and internationally. He is a charismatic, respectful and no-nonsense coach with a passion for soccer and developing players. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. The following are his professional qualifications:

Coaching Experience: Director of Coaching, Inter USA Academy; Head Coach, European Soccer Club – 2015; USMNT Youth Scouting Team (U14, U16, U18) – 2014; Head Coach, Miami United NPSL – 2013; Head Coach, Atletico San Juan PR 1st Division – 2009; Player Assistant for Hugo Maradona, Puerto Rico Islanders – 2004

Professional Playing Experience: Sestri Levante (Italy); Real Maya, Allin Color, Melgar FC, Universidad, Real Espana (Honduras); Honduras National Team – U16/U17/U19 (Honduras); Fluminese FC, Atletico San Juan, PR Islanders (Puerto Rico);  FT Strikers, Raleigh Flyers, Florida Select, Miami Tango, New Orleans Storm, Cincinnati Riverhawks, Cocoa Expos, Colombus Crews USISL/USL/MLS/US Open Cups (USA).

Licenses/Certifications: UEFA ‘A’ (working to acquire UEFA PRO License), USSF ‘A’, NSCAA Director of Coaching License, FC Barcelona Certificate, US Olympic Team Certificate, Italian Player Formation Specialist Certificate.


  • SYLVIA D`AMICO –  President


  • MAX CHAMORRO – General Manager

  • MANUEL SUAREZ  – Director of Finance & Treasurer 

  • SEBASTIAN ZURITA – Director of Coaching - Staff Managers  

  • PAOLO DAMICO– Advisor/Consultant



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