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Inter USA Academy is a fast-growing international soccer school with Italian and Latin American influences. We are a family style club with a philosophy of playing per l’amore del gioco (for the love of the game). We focus on developing committed, elite players to their maximum potential by offering professional-level training from coaches who have played the beautiful game for more than 20 years, and are UEFA and USSF licensed.  We take a holistic approach to the development of our players and define success by a players journey from a technical, tactical, physical, and mental perspective.  We focus on the development of the player first, so that results will manifest themselves afterwards.   


To develop committed, elite futbol players with professional-level training that will maximize their potential in a passionate, fun and serious environment, that will prepare them for college and/or professional futbol careers. 


Inter USA Academy exists to offer a different approach and experience from what most clubs offer. We focus on quality not quantity. We believe maximum player development occurs when you take a core group of elite players to establish a team foundation, and build around that team while providing them with the appropriate professional-level training that will focus on improving each individual player. Our teams consist of no more than 16-18 players so playing time is not sacrificed.

This model is adopted and proven across many professional futbol academies around the world. Our philosophy is to improve the elite player’s weaknesses and nurture their strengths to help them become better players over a 3-4 year horizon.

Our professional training is based on two simple principles:

  1. Prioritize and master solid foundational technique and tactics first 

  2. Integrate and develop your physicality second


Inter USA Academy excels at developing good quality players to the next level by helping them master their technical and tactical skills. We focus on taking serious players to become the best futbol player that they can be. This process takes work and time, and unfortunately not many futbol clubs will take the time to truly develop you, nor do they have the professional experience and qualifications to tell you EXACTLY what you need in order to maximize your potential and improve your game.

Our model for success is a collaboration between coach and player. It is a multi-year journey of working together to develop dedicated and committed players who have a desire to achieve elite performance.

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