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Training with professionals

We provide year-round programs that develop players to their highest potential play in competitive leagues and showcase tournaments throughout Florida, and highly competitive regional, national, and international competitions. Our goal is to offer our players optimal exposure and opportunities that will allow them to achieve continued success as athletes in the country’s top collegiate teams, US national teams, and/or professional futbol clubs.

We prepare players for participation in high school soccer programs, as well as state, regional and national level Olympic Development Program (ODP) programs when appropriate. We facilitate the exposure, recruiting assistance, and parent education for players showing the necessary motivation and ability to attract collegiate acceptance and consideration from various universities and professional futbol clubs. We seek to build respected and mutually beneficial relationships with other top quality soccer organizations nationally and internationally, including college coaches and scouts.

Lastly, and most importantly, our goal is that each player will transmit the values, ethics and lessons learned from the beautiful game of futbol and apply them to personal aspects of their life to become respectful individuals.

Futbol has few set plays and demands hundreds of individual decisions on the part of players.  Therefore, coaching should focus on fundamentals (ball skills) and decision-making (tactics). Good fundamentals are maximized by using as many activities as possible with each player working with a ball. Good decision-making is maximized by using as many activities as possible using small groups. Scrimmaging puts the whole game together and makes it fun.

Players learn and develop by getting as many touches on the ball as possible. Maximum development occurs when you have frequent quality training sessions during a week, NOT by playing more games on the weekend. Quality training, at least 4 times a week is critical in making sure they understand the tactics, and system of play in order to transmit their learning in a formal game or series of games.

We play an attacking style of play, starting out of the back, based on ball possession with consistent movement with and without the ball. Our curriculum is based on Tactical Periodization which is utilized by some of the best clubs in professional European futbol today.

Most futbol clubs today offer programs that are appropriate for the “competitive player” but not for the “elite player”. The model for development is to create teams of elite players and provide them with a coach that may have licenses and qualifications but may not have the years of experience or professional-level playing experience that will maximize their development. In other cases, clubs will take elite players and spread them across multiple teams and mix them with competitive players, again with a coach that may have licenses and qualifications but no proven professional-level playing experience. This cycle is repeated season after season with new elite players being mixed in with other competitor players and new teams being formed every year. However, if you stop and think about the development of players that go through this process, you will notice that their improvements are only incremental (small) and limited. Why? Because one season is simply not enough time for a player to maximize the benefit of playing with elite players in the hopes that they will become better.


In addition, there is no personalized development plan for each player. They are often being trained for the masses and not for what the individual player needs to reach their full potential. Player development under this model is even further limited when you are on a team of more than 16 players. Why? Because you are simply not getting enough game time to put into action all of the learnings from training. It is not possible to get enough touches on the ball with too many players on one team.

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